corporate wellness platform

What is a corporate wellness platform?

corporate wellness platform aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and better productivity in the workplace. It is usually a suite of software, services, and benefits that help employers create healthier workplaces. These are online platforms that offer various benefits to employees.Some companies use remote tracking for fitness devices to monitor their employees’ activities. For example, Nike has partnered with Apple to make health data available on iPhones and that makes it easier for people to get insights into their health data without having to spend a lot on expensive hardware.

Corporate wellness platforms offer a variety of benefits to the employee. For example, they can provide life coaching and mental health services, teach employees mindfulness and meditation practices, provide quick and effective ways to get physical activity in the workplace, help employees stay in shape by monitoring their food intake or exercise habits, etc. A corporate wellness platform is software that helps businesses measure and engages in their employees’ wellness.

corporate wellness platform

Features of a corporate wellness platform:

In the current era of technology, companies are increasingly aware of the need to have an efficient health and wellness program. The importance of these programs is not only in promoting healthy habits but also in increasing productivity, performance, and retention rates. Some companies afford to exert all possible efforts just to maintain a high turnover rate.

A corporate wellness platform is software that companies can use to manage employee health programs. It helps them track their employees’ data and provides insights on how to improve their employees’ health.

  1. Integrations with corporate benefits providers: A comprehensive corporate wellness platform should integrate with your benefits provider for seamless operation.
  1. Health risk assessment: Assess the overall health of your workforce and identify the potential risks to head them off.
  1. Interfacing with corporate HR system: Connect your HR system with an internal wellness program for ease of tracking and reporting.
  1. Accessible for all employees through a portal or application: Your employees should be able to access any information about their company’s health program from any device, enabling them to make healthier decisions, no matter what.
  1. It supports a variety of tools and content types: It should be able to support many tools and content types, such as articles, blog posts, podcasts, audiobooks, e-books, videos, etc.


Summing up


Some of the common features of this platform are goals, assessments, and tips to improve health. The goal is to make it easy for employees to find the resources they need to be healthier while allowing them to set their health objectives. Employers often find these platforms as a way to increase retention rates and improve productivity.

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