If you’re new to stargazing, a used telescope is the perfect place to start. Buying a used telescope allows you to experience what you had, which in the end can turn out to be an expensive hobby, but at no great expense. Pre-owned telescopes offer excellent value for money for both novice and experienced astronomers alike, allowing you to get your hands on the best brands and high-spec models without the standard price tag. Used telescopes cost less than their retail price. Just as a new car loses value when it leaves the garage, new telescopes lose value with the purchase.

For most purchases, our main consideration is our budget.

guias lineales

With a telescope, you must consider precisely what it is for. If you live by the ocean and have a fleeting interest in sailing ships or live in the countryside and enjoy nature, you can do without a much lower spec model than if you were interested in astronomy. Beware of the limitations of the low-spec model, which can drastically reduce the ease of use of your telescope and ultimately ruin your new hobby. Realize that your telescope is not suitable for this purpose, and six months later, you find yourself tossing it and leaving it alone to collect dust. A modern telescope itself is quite an expensive piece of art that may not be to everyone’s taste! With that said, some of the antique brass telescopes are certainly aesthetic, making them a great focal point for any classic living room or study. An old telescope, if in good condition, will also be an ideal telescope with guias lineales.

Looking through the listings of used telescopes, it can be tempting to aim for the highest performance possible, sacrificing brand quality in favor of bells and whistles. Choosing a used telescope from a well-known brand is always better than admiring an unknown manufacturer’s singing and dancing model. Functionality is the key to success. Bells and whistles are great for those who know how to operate them. For a beginner, you will likely find that they get in the way and complicate things dramatically, dramatically reducing your enjoyment of your new hobby. Telescopes from renowned brands are based on vast experience gained over decades, sometimes centuries. These manufacturers are working hard to produce first-class products, unlike the manufacturers here today and not tomorrow. They strive to build and retain repeat customers, and their durability ensures that if they need add-ons or replacement parts in the future, they won’t bump into a brick wall.

Newcomers to stargazing are often attracted to the outlandish claims of magnification made by some producers. Rather than being dazzled by the promises of incredibly high magnification, a beginner should look at the diameter of a lens or mirror. It is a key feature to consider when choosing a telescope, and here effective means better and, in some cases, very expensive.


The range is suitable for beginners. These telescopes are simple enough to understand and highly functional, and are ideal for anyone looking to try their hand at staring at a budget. Those serious about stargazing will need a high refractor.