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What You Need to Know about Internal Communication Survey

Surveys are essential to any company not just in measuring the success of its marketing and advertising campaigns. It is also a great means to measure the effectiveness of the company’s internal communication strategy or program. There is no point of strengthening the company’s suite of communication if the employees are not listening to it. The internal communication survey serves as a diagnostic tool that will determine the problem, successes, strengths, and gaps in the company’s communication efforts. The following is an example of how an international communication strategy can test the employees of the company:

  • To determine their level of satisfaction with different channels of communication such as newsletters, emails, and intranet.
  • Their comprehension of the key issues in the company.
  • Their level of awareness in terms of leader and management communication.

There are several reasons why internal survey must be made part of the company’s communication strategy. The following are the major ones:

  • A great means to gather feedback for specific activities and events of the company.

You can conduct spot surveys right after a corporate event. For instance after a meeting in a new business facility, give out survey questions. This will give you an idea if the employees are satisfied with the developments in the facilities.

  • A reliable way to measure and compare results over time

You can repeat surveys after a while and compare it with the results of the previous one before you implement some changes in the system. This will help you keep track of your programs and strategies if they worked at all or not.

  • A survey can give you the numbers you need

Senior leaders will always ask for the numbers to back up your data. If they want to make sure that the communication strategy resonates with the employees, they demand survey statistics. This will help the top management to know which channels are successfully reaching the employees. This will aid their decision to improve on the right channels of communication to use.

There are several things to keep in mind when conducting an internal communication survey. This will ensure that the company makes the most of the survey for the company’s benefit.

You have to ask one question at a time

This entails being sensitive to the flow of the respondent’s thought. If you are asking about the design and navigation at the same time. It might be confusing and too labor-intensive for the respondent to answer both queries at the same time. It may also be confusing for you as well.

  • Use the Likert scale

This is a user-friendly and quick way for the company to measure the opinions and perceptions of the employees. An example of this is to ask the respondents how they are going to rate a certain activity’s success from 1 to 5.

  • Always include space for comments

By leaving comment fields for your respondents, you are enabling them to expound their answer. This will provide you more insights. Limit it to a maximum of two questions; otherwise it can be too tiring for you.

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