Use whatsapp marketing solution singapore to spread the industrial use of whatsapp

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, etc are now spreading all across the world and the number of users on these platforms is also increasing tremendously. These social media platforms are a source of reconnecting with each other as well as with some new people. In recent times, these social sites and apps are not only used for making connectivity just for fun and entertainment but are also used for business purposes.

Therefore, people need to understand how all these works. Out of allthese social media apps, whatsapp is one of the most used apps all across as this is very easy to use and thus, they are widely used by people. People in Singapore use whatsapp extensively in their business and projects and thus it is very important to have a whatsapp marketing solution singaporeso that more and more people can know about the features and use them properly.

New features added in whatsapp

  • Whatsapp is one the most used social media apps and the whatsapp marketing solution singapore have made it easier for people to know about it and use it. While it provides some of the basic features for all the people to use, some advanced features are added in the latest version of the whatsapp that is mostly used for business purposes and other official works.
  • Watsapp has a feature of different types of accounts facility. It means that they have the options of different types of accounts such as private account, public account, business account. All of these accounts are made for some special purposes.Business accounts are mostly used by the companies or the employees of a company and it is a very secure system that enables the business to work smoothly through the account.
  • Other than that there is one more feature added. This added feature is of the once view. In this feature the message sent by the sender is set on the once view mode, as soon as the receiver views the message once, the message is deleted. This feature is very helpful in maintaining the privacy of the work as well.

There are many more features that make whatsapp very popular among people and is used by people for many different uses.

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