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How to boost your application when you’re applying for Singapore PR?

Places around the world Singapore has the smallest populations. But this place has a valuable environment for investing, working, and living. And this is also a good reason why people are applying for permanent residence. Regardless, it has a lower rate of accepting people and higher rates of rejecting applicants. There are still people that are trying their luck. It is not a surprise when there are many people who are stressed in this application. Get immediate assistance on becoming a PR in Singapore. To make your process smoother you can have these tips.

Secure all the documents

When you’re applying you might sometimes prepare a lot of documents because you’re unsure. There are also times that you’re missing some documents. But to help you bring the right documents first all the documents must be in English. The following are the needed documents that you have to bring during the processing.

  • Valid travel documents
  • Passport pages
  • Birth certificate
  • Identification card
  • Payslips for the past 6 months
  • Employment pass
  • Employer’s letter

Request as a family

When your family is not permanent residents it is advisable to apply altogether. The ICA will process the papers and know everything especially when you have a family. This might also be the key to enhancing your application. Since Singapore has the highest aging population this can have a better solution. Once they know that you have a family the chances of your application might be successful.

applying for Singapore PR

Yourself is the perfect candidate

You have to necessarily show yourself in the cover letter while you’re filling. You need to have the confidence to make yourself stand out. These are the following things in your application.

  • The period of your stay
  • Social contribution
  • Accolades

You can still reapply

Get immediate assistance on becoming a PR in Singapore when it is not your first time sending an application. It is best to reapply after 6 months when you received a rejection letter. When you are reapplying it might not be good for the second time but it is better that you try it again. When you give an allowance after you have received the letter. It is your chance to change something in your application. It only means that you can add something to make your application stand out to everyone.

Consult legal advice to enhance your application

It is not advisable to reach out for consultation when you’re applying for a PR. But other people are too disparate because they are likely to be approved. Many people are getting rejected because they are not familiar with the processes. But with consultation, it is faster to get approval in the application.

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