Different Types Of HVAC Systems

If you are out shopping for a heating and air conditioning system, we can understand how overwhelmed you might feel looking at the various HVAC systems offered. While many homeowners think it is complicated to understand air conditioning and heating systems, let us break the stereotype for you and let you know how reasonably simple the whole process is. As a result, read through this article to understand the different types of systems available. You can get the best HVAC repair services San Antonio can offer for installation and repair.

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Split System

The split system entails an outdoor compressor unit containing the condenser and an indoor unit that functions as an evaporator coil and blower. Split system heating and air conditioning are among the most popular HVAC systems for residential heating. The indoor unit can also be connected to a furnace or heat pump to provide centralized heating. You can also find a split system coming with other exclusive accessories such as air scrubbers, purifiers, filters, humidifiers, UV lamps, among others.

  1. Hybrid Heat Pump System

Do not let the name fool you, as these systems also cool your home. In a hybrid heat pump system, the HVAC entails a heat pump that works in conjunction with a furnace that burns natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. A hybrid heat pump system can give you the best of both worlds with its robust features. Apart from this, it costs less to repair this type of HVAC system. Therefore, if you need excellent HVAC repair services San Antonio can offer you plenty of options. You can also get optional accessories with the system to improve the indoor air quality in your commercial or residential establishment.

  1. Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

It is compatible with places where a conventional duct system will not work. Apart from this, they can also be great complements to existing HVAC systems. These heat pumps are installed directly into the zones of the home, and you can have as many as four indoor air handling units. The ductless mini-split heat pump comes with a modern thermostat that helps you control the settings in the most convenient way.

  1. Packaged Heating & Air Conditioning System

It is an all-in-one unit that entails a compressor, condenser, and evaporator. It is the ideal solution for homes and offices without adequate space to install an elaborate HVAC system. It is also installed in small commercial buildings and often entails electric coils or an in-built furnace for heating. You can add ventilators or air purifiers into the mix to ensure only clean air reaches your space.

Now that you know about the different HVAC systems, it won’t be a hassle to pick the one that is right for you and aligns with your requirements!

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