Merits and demerits Sharing Business Tax Identification Number

It is common to request for a business to be asked by someone or another business to provide a tax identification number. When this request is made, it is vital to take precaution since the theft of tax ID number has been a common issue worldwide. However, there is no cause of this concern, as explained in this article.

It is just a common request when operating a business. But, it is vital to know the reason for this kind of claim. Although, the essential thing defining business Tax id and also to learn how to apply for a tax id.

Definition of Business Tax ID

As a business person, you should understand the nine digits of Federal-Employer-Identification (FEIN). An IRS mainly assigns FEIN for businesses that operated in the United States. The purpose of this number is to identify the report of an employer or an employee.

learn how to apply for a tax id

It serves the same purpose as someone’s social security number. Even though FEIN usually is not regarded as confidential information. So, it is usually given out by a business. Also, it is not easy to commit identity or financial theft with the feds Tax ID number. Many banks are also aware that most business usually unveils this information to their clients, in case they request for it. It is also important to note that FEIN is also referred to as the Tax Identification Number (TIN)

 Sharing Business Tax ID number

The common question that mostly asked it whether it is okay to share FEIN with the customers. Of course, it is okay this to share information with the public, since it is just public information that is achieved by most search databases. But still, it is good to understand why to should be given to customers.

For the business that provides services, a recipient business venture may request a FEIN to provide FORM 1099-MISC. Business payment is $600 or even more. This form is a common requirement when a payment is made to a private contractor for the services offered $600 and above.


If a business is offered the services is the corporation, the 1099-MISC form will not be required. Also, if the recipient of the services is a kind of person who only uses it for individual purposes, it will not be needed. So, it is always crucial to know the intention of your customer. They should also learn how to apply for a tax id because it can be not reasonable if they request just for the sake of having it.

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